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That's enough apocolypse for me, thank you!!!

2009-04-23 00:36:46 by strandbeest

The fact that the Bible has a whole section in it, dedicated to describing EXACTLY how the world ends, shows that the end of the world has always had a powerful hold over our minds.That fear will always be there, so long as we are mortal beings, but I'm afraid that as of right now, we're overdoing it.

I can't help but feel a universal sense of pessimism whenever I read the news, watch TV (only once a week, for LOST), talk to a stranger, or just walk down the street. The people and governments of the world are on the verge of war, rebellion or annihilation. The Earth's biosphere has been decimated and we're just realizing how bad it's going to hurt us. And to top it off, the most praised stories of this decade all seem to revolve around some kind of "end of days" scenario; Battlestar Galactica, The Dark Knight, Bioshock, Watchmen and Fallout, just to name a few. Not the most uplifting atmosphere. It's as if the population has accepted that we're about to go over the edge, and this recent obsession with it is just buttering us up for when the bombs fall or the asteroid hits or the Earth fries us alive or whatever the hell your doomsday fantasy is.

Frankly, I'm getting sick of it. This isn't the first time the world ended, you know. How about the year 1000, with the Black Death and all of Europe on its knees, convinced that the New Year was the beginning of the Judgement and the Second Coming. Or 1863, when the was US split down the middle and its people killing and mutilating each other, not to mention the rest of the world getting brutally conquered by those same Europeans who thought they we're gonna get sent to Hell. 1968, peace-loving Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy are gunned down and the two superpowers are on the verge of mutually assured destruction. Good times. But despite all the horrifying stuff we've done to ourselves as a species, we're still here. We pulled through the end of the world countless times, I think we can do it again.

Point is, pessimism will only get you so far. You may think that by assuming the worst will happen you're guarding yourself against disappointment and shock, but you'll find that you still care about some things in your life. In fact, it'll make it even worse when those things you didn't realize you cared about get fucked up, and the rug gets pulled out beneath you when you least expect it.

Giving up hope in the world you live in isn't going to save it OR you. The only thing that will save it is people who give a shit, who see problems and try to fix them. So stop that hand-wringing, weepy-eyed "oh, the world is doomed" BULLSHIT right now! Donate to a charity of your choice, give blood, carpool to work, turn the lights off, have a nice chat with a total stranger. Helping the entire world may be out of our reach, but helping the world we interact with daily is something we CAN do.

So stop bitching and get to it!


2009-04-01 18:27:25 by strandbeest

Very funny, Tom Fulp, very funny indeed. Now...let me play Thing-Thing Arena 3 and no one needs to see the embarrassing photos taken on your 21st birthday; the ones with you, your (supposedly) platonic male friend, the pool of Jell-o, and the donkey.
"I don't know what you're talking about" you say, Tom? Well, here's a photo of the donkey AFTER your birthday:


I smell a rat.

2009-03-26 22:34:36 by strandbeest

Last Wednesday my friends here at Keene State college invited me along for something they called "Scorpion Bowl Wednesdays". If you know what a scorpion bowl is, then you know drinking one in the afternoon isn't something you usually do. It was an uncharacteristically warm day too, so my mind was a swirling mess afterward. We stumbled around for a while and happened upon a pet shop where i made a fateful purchase.
I had decided a long time ago I wanted a pet rat but would only get one after graduation, when I would have time to look after it. In the shop they had a cage full of rats, and a white one with a black stripe on his back caught my eye. I still had an old aquarium kicking around my apartment (a friend gave it to me after getting busted for having a snake in his dorm), so there was a place for me to put him. But then my plan popped into my head, telling me off for thinking of getting the rat before graduation. Then the scorpion bowl juice in my system kicked my old plan in the head, curb stomped it and told it I wanted a rat NOW!
Sooooo...I've got a rat now. Maybe I can take a picture of him later and tag it to this post. I'm writing this because I can't decide on a name. I'm thinking Sparkster or Remmy or Roadkill would be cool. Anyone who reads this, tell me what you think would be good.

For all those who stumble across this, here's some rapid-fire, deep-seated opinions of mine:

-People, in general, aren't nearly observant enough these days.
-Andy Warhol is an overrated, lazy fucking hack.
-Humanity is doomed unless nations stop thinking in the singular and start thinking in the plural.
-LOST better give me some answers before it tries shoving any more fucking questions down my throat.
-Frats are for losers.
-SEGA has lost its Sonic game-making privileges and somebody needs to TELL THEM!
-Classical Spanish guitar is amazing and underappreciated.
-Pot is demonized and should be made legal (and taxed. Goodbye deficit!)
-You know those people who say "Keep your kids away from TV"? They're absolutely right.
-There need to be more rock operas, period.
-Daoism and Deism are very compatible.
-Somebody needs to find a cure for the Female Shopper Virus, QUICKLY!
-Brown leather is sexy.
-The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts should be merged and made co-ed, like everywhere else in the world.
-Drinking ages should be banned so kids can get the stupid out of their system by age 10.
-I will love pinball until the last machine dies.
-Americans need to learn about "small portions."
-The Watchmen movie was awesome, but WAAAAAY to long in places.
-Douglas Adams will put a smile on ANYONE'S face.
-Interactive art is the way of the future.
-MYST is an fantastic series, one you Gears of War fuckers will never appreciate.

There we go. Based on that, do ya like me or hate me? I guess I'll find out.